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branding & identity of a small bistro 

Kispiac is a small, affable bistro nested just in the neighbourhood of one of the most famous markets of Budapest. Drop by for a nice coffee in the morning, taste the delicious grilled duck, chicken, pork with fresh salad or have a cold prosecco in the evening. The name “Kispiac” means “Small Market”, which refers to the market next door. I made some patterns silksrceened on package paper, stamp and stickers for the take-away cups and paper bags. The logo was sand blasted on the window, and the opening time information were painted on black board. The best pickles and jams had some packaging, too.

Photos taken by f


Branding of a home-made apricot jam

I was invited to my mother’s garden in Szentendre to pick apricots.  The result was at least 5 kilos, so I had to think about a way to save it for the winter. I asked my friends to help me, so we decided to make jam out of it. We boiled and peeled them, and used a secret recipe of my friend’s grandma. Next day we filled the jam into small jars, from then on I only had to think about some branding. Íz means “taste” in hungarian, but also the name of the jam you fill the pancakes with. 

Photos and bites are taken by f


packaging design for a self-made strawberry jam

When the season finally arrived, we went to the strawberry fields close to Budapest to fill up our buckets with this small delicious fruit. After puddling and boiling them for hours, we mixed it with fresh mint, and poured it into small jars.  Our jam is called "Eperlekvár mentával" in hungarian, so I used just the first letters. I made a stamp and prepared all the labels manually. Photos & jam are made by f

kolor no 2.

The flyers and tickets for Kolor are silkscreened on rough cardboard.
We used numbering-stamp and punch for the boat ticket. 


package design for a self-made bear's garlic pesto


We went to the hills to pick kilos of this delicious plant (also called ramsons or wild garlic) and couldn't wait to make pesto of it. Grana padano, pine nuts, olive oil and spices made the pesto fresh and tasty. The name of the brand (Ursula) is based on the latin name of the plant (allium ursinum). photos & pesto are made by f.


Visual conception & graphic design of a new bar

Kolor is a new bar in Budapest, downtown. It's going to be cosmopolitan, rough and traveller-friendly. They are planning to open on the late summer. The flyers are manually stamped, and we used silkscreen for the poster. photos are taken by f